How to get up early and get celestial

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I use the word ‘cosmic’ a lot and people think: hippies, flares, flower-power. But it’s origins are ancient. In Daoist texts there are references to cosmic connection and cosmic chi as well as finding the cosmic self. It’s deeply spiritual but not religious. Cosmic chi is said to shower the earth from 3am.  This is […]

Intermittent fasting and chronic disease

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Intermittent fasting and chronic disease A recent study on the 16:8 intermittent fast (the 8 hour eating window one) found it increased the likelihood of cardiovascular disease by 91%. It got debunked, but not before the results went viral and contributed to the stress and confusion around diets and food in general. We need to […]

Channel your higher self

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I’ve just rediscovered ‘channels’. Back in the new-age days, everybody read Edgar Cayce, Bashar, and more contemporary mediums or channels; people who accessed information from higher sources / higher selves and then shared it to help humanity. By the 90s, after Abraham and Esther Hicks (and the Secret) I’d moved on. First to the success […]

Purpose overrules escape!

The body clock and organ clock of Chinese medicine

I found myself googling beach shacks in north QLD yesterday, imagining a total opt-out, growing veggies, no power bills, no stress….like the good old days in the commune in Nimbin! I was fully into it, found the perfect place up near Airlie beach, and even told my wife (unimpressed!). Then I turned the computer off […]

Use your Body Clock for Weight Loss

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If you’re feeling toxic, ‘off’, bloated and heavy after eating, and are reacting badly to more and more foods, it’s natural to try to change that with radical diets and fasts, because you feel it in the gut area. But the cause of those symptoms is stagnant chi and that comes from lifestyle factors that […]

How to use the chi cycle to find your purpose


People say it’s the little things that make you happy, hmm I’d say it was the BIG things, the knowledge of who you are and what you are here for. In Chinese medicine (based on thousands of years of Daoist thinking) the idea is to live in a way that keeps your organs happy (nourished […]

Find your health rhythm

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Health is the focus of the 2021 new year’s resolutions list. Lose weight is number one (same every year), and get more sleep, eat more healthy foods and exercise, are up there too. But fad dieting, fasting, or doing punishing exercise routines isn’t necessarily healthy and it doesn’t make us feel good. And what doesn’t […]

How to find your purpose every day

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New Age books used to predict the ‘great awakening’ and I reckon this could be it, because we all slowed down enough for a gap to appear. If you sense there is more to life than going back to the daily 9-5 grind and the old, overcommitted stressed-out lifestyle, you are part of the awakening. […]

Immunity: the health cycle vs the lockdown loop


In Chinese medicine building immunity is an action. Immunity is not just what you take, it’s also what you say, think and do, and how you live. Immunity is not a stand-alone bodily system, all your organs power your ‘immune system’, so if you focus improving your organ function you naturally get improved immunity. The […]

The chi of Internet Porn

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In my clinic I am regularly seeing female clients who are sexually dissatisfied because their husbands or partners no longer want sex with them. At the same time, I treat large numbers of male clients who are internet porn users and no longer feel like having sex with their wives or girlfriends. This is an […]

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