Social Media Addiction: and why being too social is bad for your health

Social media is the newest addiction and the mainstream treatment is the digital detox. It’s kind of the same approach to drug or alcohol addiction which fails over 90% of the time. The way I approach any addiction (drugs, alcohol, food etc) is to forget the substance and look at the way it makes you […]

The chi of Internet Porn

In my clinic I am regularly seeing female clients who are sexually dissatisfied because their husbands or partners no longer want sex with them. At the same time, I treat large numbers of male clients who are internet porn users and no longer feel like having sex with their wives or girlfriends. This is an […]

How to drink alcohol and boost your health at the same time

Having specialised in addiction for so long I’ve had a lot of experience with clients who had an ‘alcohol problem’, and I regularly treat clients who want to give up alcohol because they think it’s bad for them. I’ll start by saying that although I’m obsessed with health and live for it, I also love […]

The Best Natural Way To Quit Marijuana

Hundreds of millions of people use marijuana. It is the most popular, but also the most paradoxical drug. Beliefs about marijuana vary from it being harmless to it being a dangerous and addictive gateway drug. Some use it for years without noticing any side-effects, while others become paranoid or even psychotic within a very short time

Medical marijuana and Chinese medicine

Medical marijuana is getting lots of media coverage lately and, as legalization of the drug spreads many people will be self medicating with it. I already treat plenty of people who use marijuana to alleviate their anxiety, insomnia or depression but end up creating additional symptoms. Some point out that Chinese medicine has used marijuana […]

Magic mushrooms

Magic mushroom is the term popularly used to describe the mushrooms that have an hallucinogenic effect when consumed. According to Western research the principal psychoactive component of these mushrooms is psilocybin and the effects include significant visual, auditory and perceptual alterations. In lower doses magic mushrooms can induce hysterical laughter (as marijuana can do) but in higher doses […]

Heroin and holistic recovery

Opium, a powerful analgesic derived from the poppy plant has been used by humans for thousands of years. In 1803 morphine was derived from processed opium, and in 1874 heroin from morphine. There have been continuous waves of addiction to all three substances but, according to some sources, heroin use has recently escalated. There is no universally accepted reason […]

Ecstasy interpreted using TCM

Ecstasy (MDMA) is an unusual drug. Its chemical structure bears similarities to both the stimulant methamphetamine and the hallucinogen mescaline. Ecstasy is sometimes categorised as an entactogen — which means ‘touching within’ and, like all the other recreational drugs, it was developed for therapeutic use. It is a drug that provides insight and empathy and it was used covertly […]

From harry potter to pot

According to the United Nations (UNODC), in the last twelve months some 200 million people, age 15-64, used illicit drugs. The majority of these, well over 162 million, were probably using cannabis – the most popular drug on the planet. Cannabis use has been steadily increasing (ten percent since the late 1990s) and according to expert opinions is continuing […]

Drugs, death and rebirth

I had a client recently, a manager of a chain of hairdressing salons, who had been a heavy recreational speed user for a number of years. He had gone eight weeks without drugs and was working hard and using positive thinking techniques to get him through. Things had been manageable but then he hit a terrible day. It […]


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