Medical marijuana is getting lots of media coverage lately and, as legalization of the drug spreads many people will be self medicating with it. I already treat plenty of people who use marijuana to alleviate their anxiety, insomnia or depression but end up creating additional symptoms. Some point out that Chinese medicine has used marijuana as a healing herb for millennia. But the use of marijuana in traditional Chinese medicine was based on a profound holistic understanding of the plant’s transformative properties and its cosmic significance, in conjunction with the constitution, chi and even destiny of individual patients. Additionally, Chinese physicians were dedicated chi practitioners so they had the skills to harness the transformative potential of the plant, and override toxicity. Self-medicating without that knowledge and chi training can make existing symptoms worse or create other imbalances. A better treatment option is acupuncture. Western research has confirmed that acupuncture works with the endocannabinoid system of the body, and specific type of acupuncture can heal anxiety and depression, but also deliver that great stoned feeling!