Channel your higher self

Jost Sauer Spiritual awakening eclipse

I’ve just rediscovered ‘channels’. Back in the new-age days, everybody read Edgar Cayce, Bashar, and more contemporary mediums or channels; people who accessed information from higher sources / higher selves and then shared it to help humanity. By the 90s, after Abraham and Esther Hicks (and the Secret) I’d moved on. First to the success […]

Say “I create” and succeed

success with Jost

I see more people than ever before struggling with exhaustion – heavy eyes, heavy body, feel like they could sleep standing up and are totally unmotivated. There’s plenty of theories out there on why this is, but toxic or unsettled chi is certainly playing a role. We are in challenging times. That means that there […]

Jost Sauer Spiritual attunement acupuncture

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