The 15 minute bodyweight workout

Therapeutic movement is something you can do at any time to immediately change your emotional state and outlook. My therapeutic exercise routine uses bodyweight, so no equipment necessary, and it works certain muscles to break down blockages in the meridians and acupuncture points to restore neutrality, promote feelings of wellbeing and optimism. Just what we need right now. Do it

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Botox vs Bodyclock for anti-ageing: how to turn back time with your bodyclock

A common anti-ageing goal is to get wrinkle-free skin so botox has become a part of the anti-ageing regime for women, and for an increasing number of men. Botox might create the impression of youth by relaxing muscles, but it is not doing anything for your internal health, which is what keeps us forever young. In fact reactions to Botox

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Do we really need supplements?

Do we need to take supplements or can eating a ‘healthy diet’ provide everything we need, as many people claim? In my opinion this can’t be answered without considering the context and this is about what you want from life. If you are OK with normal day-to-day functioning you can probably get enough nutrients from food. But, if you want

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Road rage: are you wearing out your gallbladder?

Driving is supposed to be fun. It is movement and we love the feeling of moving.  So much so that when someone blocks our movement we get annoyed. In the heat of the moment this can turn into roadrage and trigger actions that can have serious consequences. Roadrage is entirely natural in a way, because anger is natural. It is

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How To Cope Better With Life: The Three Shen Secret

Life is tough. Some people may have a cruisy life (I don’t meet many of these) but most of us struggle with daily challenges and hardships whether financial, emotional, physical or spiritual, and sometimes all at once.