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Posted September 28, 2019

Do we really need supplements?

by Jost Sauer

Do we need to take supplements or can eating a ‘healthy diet’ provide everything we need, as many people claim? In my opinion this can’t be answered without considering the context and this is about what you want from life. If you are OK with normal day-to-day functioning you can probably get enough nutrients from food. But, if you want to amp things up and go for the big destiny goals, operate in peak performance mode, reverse the effects of ageing, stay motivated, positive and happy, and sleep deeply every night, you need powerful supplement support. If you want to push the envelope of your physical health, defy perceived limitations and accelerate recovery so that you can work out every day, you need supplements. And if you want to prevent chronic diseases you need high-quality supplements.

They are also the key to vitality, glowing skin, bright eyes and supple limbs, regardless of your age. I’ve been self-experimenting with every supplement and herbal formula imaginable for nearly 30 years now, and I’ve spent decades refining my contemporary form of orthomolecular therapy (this used to be called vitamin therapy). I combine top-shelf herbal formulas and nutritional supplements to enable clients to quit hard drugs without side-effects; achieve business goals without burning out (it’s all too common to succeed at the cost of your health); lose weight without ridiculous fad dieting (these are bad for your organs); recover from chronic illnesses or just generally enhance energy and boost their zest for life.

Personally, I use supplements because I want more from life than mere functionality, I want to sample everything life offers us, I want to take up every opportunity, make leaps of faith, stay fit and optimistic, and embrace change. I’ve worked out the best supplement support system for this. Key components are: antioxidants, EFA’s (essential fatty acids), minerals (eg magnesium and calcium), high-quality multi-vitamins, anti-inflammatories (eg curcumin), probiotics, to maintaining a healthy muscle-fat ratio (lean body mass), accelerated recovery BCAA’s (amino acids) and my favourite, Well-Being, an extraordinary formula that supports your potential.

This has been my staple supplementation regime for almost 30 years now and I work out morning and evening and have done so very day so for 20 years), I’ve had no sick days for decades, and I’m maintaining motivation regardless of obstacles and challenges. So to answer the question of whether we can get all our nutrients from food: it all depends on what you want from life.

I take a lot of supplements, but the more you take and the more targeted it is, the more benefits you get. But, if you only want to take one, I’d recommend Well-Being. This is the legendary and once-secret ‘Emperors Formula’ created exclusively for Chinese Emperors. They had seriously stressful lives. They were constantly under attack externally and internally, and it was common to have dozens of concubines to look after. The Emperors couldn’t afford to burn-out, age prematurely or lose their mojo. They also wanted to implement the most magnificent, ambitious and visionary ideas imaginable, and the best herbalists in the land were tasked with creating a formula for them to support all of this.

In Chinese medicine (in which your organs have physical and metaphysical properties) everything those Emperors wanted is connected to our kidneys. Willpower and confidence is connected to your kidneys. If they are strong and healthy you’ll embrace challenge and change.  And we need this to be healthy and happy. If your kidney function is weak though, you will lack confidence and fear change and lots of things we do these days slowly weakens our kidneys and we can end up too scared to change. In TCM there are several ways to build strong and healthy kidneys but the easiest way is to take high quality Chinese herbal formulas, and Well-Being is one of the most powerful. It is the most important supplement for abundant energy, a positive state of mind, confidence, stamina, mental clarity, will power, anti-ageing, accelerated recovery from exercise, lean body mass index, prevention of illness. It’s the supplement to take if you want self-motivation, and to face your challenges, and be on the ball. It’s the supplement when you need to be strong, uplifted and enthused.

It is a combination of four of the most powerful herbs on the planet: ashwagandha, astragalus, rehmannia, Siberian ginseng. Rehmannia is a longevity herb that tonifies Jing (life force), supports the kidneys and adrenal glands and nourishes the blood. So it has a calming effect (yin) if you are stressed, treats nervous system burnout, boosts energy if you are tired and creates clarity if you are confused. As it supports adrenals it is used for hyper-thyroidism, and it has an anti-inflammatory effect. Ashwagandha is used to lower blood sugar levels (a study on type 2 diabetes found supplementing with ashwagandha for 30 days lowered fasting blood sugar levels as effectively as a diabetes medication), reduce cortisol, boost brain function, help fight symptoms of anxiety and depression, and to reduce inflammation and stress. It boosts the immune-system and is traditionally used for upper respiratory problems, arthritis, asthma and blood pressure.

And this is just two of the power herbs in the formula. The only place you can get Well-Being is from the Modere website, as the company’s original founders negotiated rights to the formula back in the 70s. We are not supposed to be ‘going it alone’ here, there is a lot of support available, we can use lifestyle, therapeutic treatments, chi-practices and meditation. But if you want one thing to do right away without changing any other part of your life choose supplements, and if you only want one of them, make it Well-Being.

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