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Posted October 19, 2023
Jost Sauer learn Chinese medicine online

Chinese Medicine101 online course

by Jost Sauer

Ta daaa! I just finished putting 35 years of my clinical experience and passion for Chinese medicine into an online course: Chinese Medicine 101! Thinking about everything everyone asks me about diet, sleep, meditation, chi-gong, sex, breakfast, purpose, organs, symptoms and more, I created 25 video tutorials (6 hours content all up). I reclaim the mystical or cosmic side of this amazing healing art. So you’ll see the real story, the stuff that is no longer taught in colleges. They took all the mystical / invisible worlds and chi parts out – but that is where healing and transformation takes place, it’s where the magic happens.

So my angle is how to heal yourself by knowing who you really are, a spiritual being in a  physical body, and how to get reconnected to the spiritual or cosmic side of life. But it’s super practical. Chinese medicine is not linear, it is multi-dimensional, so each video has a long list of dot points of everything I cover in it. I designed it so that you can jump into a section for a quick answer, a recipe, or a specific chi-gong demo for a particular symptom, or for guidance in getting in touch with your spiritual self when things feel overwhelming.

Or you can start at the beginning and discover the ancient secrets of Chinese medicine that I’ve adapted for modern times. For anyone interested in traditional Chinese medicine, the way it should be taught, this is essential. It’s everything you no longer learn in western courses.


Discover the real traditional Chinese medicine which is ultimately dedicated to supporting your journey to find your ‘cosmic’ self. You’ll learn who you really are, why it is so important for health and happiness to be reconnected to your spiritual nature; energies and how to clear them, plus meridians, acupuncture and how to tap into cosmic forces to empower your life and follow your destiny.

CHI-CYCLE MAGIC (3 videos)

Health begins with how you start your day. In this snapshot of my famous chi-cycle day plan, you get the essentials for the ultimate start to a day of self-healing, building energy and self-healing.


This section introduces your five major organs, all their attributes and your amazing internal resources. Find out how to create hope, immunity, self-mastery, weight-loss, happiness, willpower, stamina, youthfulness, vitality and more!


Discover the negative emotions of each organ and how to heal that organ to resolve that emotion or symptom. Each video introduces the functionality of a different organ, lifestyle tip for helping it out, and each has tips and a chi-gong that you can do to treat or delete sadness, anxiety, bloating, digestive disorders, anger depression; to undo knots of worry, alleviate unsettled mind or overcome fear.


All your diet questions answered, what to eat, why to eat, where to eat, how to eat. Plus recipes for body, mind and spirit nourishment.

I’m really happy with what I’ve created, it was an epic undertaking. I even composed a musical score. It is background in the first 2 videos (for the cosmic vibe) and the rest of the videos have a little bit at the start and finish. I’ll be adding material regularly and interactive elements. More info, chapter outlines and short video introductions on my Chinese Medicine 101 landing page – oh, and it’s only $25 (USD)!

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About Jost Sauer –
The Lifestyle Medicine Man

Jost Sauer is a healthy lifestyle expert. He is an author, acupuncturist, and has been a therapist since the 80s.

Jost Sauer is also an ex-addict, dealer and deserter turned addiction recovery trailblazer. He pioneered lifestyle medicine for addiction, kickstarted a recovery revolution with his groundbreaking new rehab program, and then adapted the program for everyone as the Chi Cycle lifestyle; a health-boosting, fat-burning feel-good day-plan.

Jost has treated thousands of people including celebrities, CEOs and athletes, using his unique combination of Chinese medicine, acupuncture, chi-activation,  motivational coaching and lifestyle. He offers individual sessions, training programs and retreats. Jost’s passion is to show everyone how to optimise their organ function, synch back in and reconnect to natural rhythms, and make every day medicinal and magical…

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