How to get up early and get celestial

Jost Sauer be spiritual

I use the word ‘cosmic’ a lot and people think: hippies, flares, flower-power. But it’s origins are ancient. In Daoist texts there are references to cosmic connection and cosmic chi as well as finding the cosmic self. It’s deeply spiritual but not religious. Cosmic chi is said to shower the earth from 3am.  This is […]

Soul matter vs karmic matter

93% of the universe is invisible dark matter (that’s physics). A professor I recently heard on a podcast (with a PhD majoring in Karma!) says this is ‘karmic matter’. Each of us is made up of soul matter and karmic matter. Every one of our actions either adds to or reduces karmic matter, altering the […]

How to handle turbulent times

Jost Sauer find your Higher Self

Turbulent times call for turbo-charged action from us. It’s tempting to go for ‘shelter and safety’ when stressed, confused, anxious or fearful, by comfort eating, over-sleeping or bingeing –  on food, drugs, alcohol or screens – but this creates weakness right when we need strength. My recommendation is tough self-love. Boot-camp yourself through your weekdays. Build resilience […]

New Ways to Lose Weight – online course launched

Jost Sauer weight loss course

I’ve had so many clients over the years who couldn’t lose weight, despite trying every diet and exercise program, but who then got results from the system I developed, that I’ve put it all together into this online course. It draws on 40 years of my research and observations of patients’ results. It covers what […]

It’s time to eclipse yourself

Jost Sauer Spiritual awakening eclipse

I had no idea the eclipse was going to be a big spiritual deal. Astrology is a branch of traditional Chinese medicine, and it’s understood (and explained) that we are naturally cosmically connected, but I don’t follow astrological events closely, I just keep doing my stuff regardless ( I’m following the chi-cycle so I’m automatically connected). But […]

Spiritual awakening: it’s the new black

Jost Sauer's Spiritual Awakening course

Spiritual awakening is the new black! All of a sudden it is being discussed in podcasts, blogs and by everyone from scientists to influencers.  Spiritual awakening isn’t necessarily a beam of uplifting light, or otherworldly type experience, which is what most people think. Or a self-driven seeking and meditative practice, we can also be spiritually woken-up as […]

Treat your knee pain and avoid surgery: how I did it

Jost Sauers medicinal movement program

This week’s YouTube video is about how I treated my knee pain and avoided surgery. I got triggered by a podcast in which doctors said alternative medicine can’t do anything for damaged knee cartilage. They bagged all supplements including collagen, said that they wouldn’t even be able to reduce the pain from damaged knee cartilage, […]

Intermittent fasting and chronic disease

Jost Sauer weight loss program

Intermittent fasting and chronic disease A recent study on the 16:8 intermittent fast (the 8 hour eating window one) found it increased the likelihood of cardiovascular disease by 91%. It got debunked, but not before the results went viral and contributed to the stress and confusion around diets and food in general. We need to […]

Hurkle-durkle (lying in bed) is not good for mental health!

Jost Sauers medicinal movement program

I remember back in 1994, I went to a seminar by Dr Leon Hammer, a famed clinical psychotherapist and Chinese medicine expert, and someone I really admire. I read his books so often they fall apart. Anyway, during his presentation he warned us that spleen function was rapidly declining in people and that this would […]

Spiritual secrets to looking young

Anti-Aging with Jost Sauer

One of the latest healthy ageing measures is your ‘real organ age’. There’s this theory that some of our organs ‘fall apart’ or age faster than others and this can predict onset of specific diseases (Harvard). They seem to think that when organs ‘fall apart’ there’s nothing we can do. I’m  calling ‘organ discrimination’ on […]

Jost Sauer Spiritual attunement acupuncture

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