How to get the distance to rediscover your real self

I reckon I’ve had more clients telling me they don’t know who they are in the last year, than in my previous 40 years working as a therapist. In the past, the issues I saw regularly were to do with self in relation to family. People would feel trapped by family conditioning, or controlled, neglected […]

How to drink alcohol and boost your health at the same time

Having specialised in addiction for so long I’ve had a lot of experience with clients who had an ‘alcohol problem’, and I regularly treat clients who want to give up alcohol because they think it’s bad for them. I’ll start by saying that although I’m obsessed with health and live for it, I also love […]

The best TCM herbal formulas for success

When I talk about Chinese herbal formulas, people often say “I don’t need herbs because I eat well’, but they are missing the point of medicinal herbs. Firstly, in Chinese medicine herbs are far superior to food, they are more like concentrated foods and they have specific actions way beyond anything food can deliver. Secondly, […]

The difference between fate and destiny

Fate and destiny are not the same Fate is the direction our life takes without any effort on our behalf. Fate is defined as the expected result of normal development. Destiny on the other hand is our potential waiting to happen and the ancient Chinese sages made ‘nourishing destiny’ an important branch of medicine. Nourishing […]

Muscle Cars and Meditation : How to harmonise your two natures

Muscle cars and Meditation : Your Two Natures Back in the 90s, when I was lecturing at a college of natural medicine, I drove a hotted-up bright red BMW coupe, lowered so much I couldn’t drive it over speed bumps. It really stood out in the college carpark and I used to get flak for […]

Come again? Ejaculation, affairs and Yin and Yang of sex

COME AGAIN? EJACULATION, AFFAIRS AND YIN AND YANG OF SEX In Western medicine, sex is not considered an integral part of health, in Traditional Chinese Medicine though, sexual practices are considered to have a huge impact on health by affecting levels of ‘Jing’, a substance which determines your basic constitutional strength and vitality. Jing is […]

Yin Yang sex & relationships

Being invited to submit an article on the theme of ‘Loving Now’ my first thought was to write about the heart, as it is in traditional Chinese medicine; the emperor of the organs, the seat of the soul and the transmitter of love. I was going to write about the chi-cycle time of the heart, […]

Magic mushrooms

Magic mushroom is the term popularly used to describe the mushrooms that have an hallucinogenic effect when consumed. According to Western research the principal psychoactive component of these mushrooms is psilocybin and the effects include significant visual, auditory and perceptual alterations. In lower doses magic mushrooms can induce hysterical laughter (as marijuana can do) but in higher doses […]

Heroin and holistic recovery

Opium, a powerful analgesic derived from the poppy plant has been used by humans for thousands of years. In 1803 morphine was derived from processed opium, and in 1874 heroin from morphine. There have been continuous waves of addiction to all three substances but, according to some sources, heroin use has recently escalated. There is no universally accepted reason […]

Ecstasy interpreted using TCM

Ecstasy (MDMA) is an unusual drug. Its chemical structure bears similarities to both the stimulant methamphetamine and the hallucinogen mescaline. Ecstasy is sometimes categorised as an entactogen — which means ‘touching within’ and, like all the other recreational drugs, it was developed for therapeutic use. It is a drug that provides insight and empathy and it was used covertly […]