Don’t censor yourself, seek your truth

Chi Health Cycle by Jost Sauer

Censorship is nothing new. One book I keep re-reading, on my mission to master the true art of Chinese medicine, is the Hua Hu Ching, but in another time that would have got me in big trouble. The book teaches the ‘Integral Truth’ to help people through the struggles of life and support their path […]

Chinese Medicine101 online course

Jost Sauer learn Chinese medicine online

Ta daaa! I just finished putting 35 years of my clinical experience and passion for Chinese medicine into an online course: Chinese Medicine 101! Thinking about everything everyone asks me about diet, sleep, meditation, chi-gong, sex, breakfast, purpose, organs, symptoms and more, I created 25 video tutorials (6 hours content all up). I reclaim the […]

Purpose overrules escape!

The body clock and organ clock of Chinese medicine

I found myself googling beach shacks in north QLD yesterday, imagining a total opt-out, growing veggies, no power bills, no stress….like the good old days in the commune in Nimbin! I was fully into it, found the perfect place up near Airlie beach, and even told my wife (unimpressed!). Then I turned the computer off […]

Low Libido and the Lifestyle Fix

Low libido is often a lifestyle generated imbalance and can be the cause of relationship reactive patterns. If you want a good relationship you have to nourish it and the best way to do that is to nourish yourself. A healthy sex life is an important part of this (Chinese medicine) but there’s lots of […]

Mind, body, spirit porridge

Jost Sauer weight loss program

When I talk about porridge as the ultimate breakfast (which I always do) people either say they love it or hate it. The haters say it’s slimy, lumpy or tasteless, and the lovers swear by it for getting hours of energy for the day ahead. I believe porridge making is an art. Everyone can make […]

New Ways to Lose Weight with Chinese Medicine

With new predictions that one in two people will be obese by 2030, I’ve been delving deeper into how Chinese medicine treats obesity and weight issues. If you want to lose weight going on a diet is your first mistake. It is based on the judgemental mindset that you have ‘lost control’ of your eating […]

How to boost brain health and beat dementia

Jost Sauer prevent dementia webinar

Brain fog, feeling spacey, fuzzy in the head, confused, forgetful, unfocused and blanking-out are uncomfortable symptoms, but they are also like the warning lights on the brain function dash. Don’t stick a bandaid over them! These symptoms are part of the organ imbalance progression that heads towards dementia. Dementia is now the number one disease […]

Putting the U back in Universe!

jost Sauer consultation

Putting the U back in Universe This is an extraordinary time. I was thinking about how over the last few decades as a therapist, people have come to see me one by one for an individual issue. It could be emotional, like a relationship breakdown or a death, or a physical accident. But these things […]

Strategies for a spiritual life

VCM workshop

Spirituality is the movement towards your true self. It’s a journey as they say, but not a smooth one, which they don’t say! There’s obstacles, and twists and turns ahead. If you know what to expect it’s going to be a smoother ride. So, based on my experience, here’s a sample roadmap. First of all you […]

How to get the distance to rediscover your real self

I reckon I’ve had more clients telling me they don’t know who they are in the last year, than in my previous 40 years working as a therapist. In the past, the issues I saw regularly were to do with self in relation to family. People would feel trapped by family conditioning, or controlled, neglected […]


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