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Posted November 26, 2023
Chi Health Cycle by Jost Sauer

Don’t censor yourself, seek your truth

by Jost Sauer

Censorship is nothing new. One book I keep re-reading, on my mission to master the true art of Chinese medicine, is the Hua Hu Ching, but in another time that would have got me in big trouble. The book teaches the ‘Integral Truth’ to help people through the struggles of life and support their path forward. Well, it got banned several times, and during the 1300s in China all copies were allegedly burned.

The book shared the profound teachings of the great Taoist master, Lao-Tzu (love this guy, his teachings inspired my book Chi Health Cycle) about the true nature of life and who we really are as souls. Luckily, generations of rebellious Taoists kept his teachings alive.

Truth always rises because those dedicated to truth and to the greater good are tapped into a higher power than censors who act from fear or a desire to control. We might be in a period of turmoil and censoring and fake news now, but on the upside no one is banning the books that can change lives. Libraries are full of them, and for free!

Back when we produced the first edition of Higher and Higher, we met people in the book trade, buyers and distributors, who would make decisions just by holding a book, they could ‘feel’ it. There is an acupuncture point in the centre of your palm (pericardium 8) that connects to your heart, it knows what is reaI and what is true. So if you’re looking for some quiet spiritual sustenance or guidance, an analogue one-on-one  without 5-star reviews or digital noise, head to a library (or bookstore) and have a feel! See what comes to you!

And on the censorship theme, I dropped 2 new vids on my YouTube channel. One is about what Chinese medicine really is, because the way it is taught now (in the West) is a kind of censorship. The metaphysical side, the fact that Chinese medicine is there to support us on the path to find our ‘cosmic’ (spiritual) selves, is ignored. And the need for practical chi work is not understood or taught. But this is the critical ingredient for healing and transformation. We need the revolutionaries who will keep the truth alive by doing a chi practice, and sharing the truth of self-empowerment and chi. Who’s coming with me?

And I dropped a video on how to break bad habits, because this is something I see all the time in clinic. People want to stop bingeing or losing their temper and so on. They tell themselves they are never going to do it again, and really believe it, but then watch themselves doing it, as if someone else is driving. If you want to break a habit, use your body not your mind. Your body puts you in the driver’s seat, your mind makes you a passenger carried along by things out of your control. Take a tour through 5 organ powers to get back in the driver’s seat.

Check out the video for more chi-sights how to break a bad habit:
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