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Posted January 28, 2024
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Don’t get even get neutral: how to stand up for yourself

by Jost Sauer

Change forces us to look at things so we can understand more about who we are and then become more connected to that. The cycle of change repeats endlessly over millennia, but it always moves us forwards purposefully towards a more harmonious planet.You can’t see the big picture when you’re in it though so, on the ground in the middle of dramatic change, it just seems like a mess of confusion. There are way too many different ideas and directions and that can cause conflict and derail the harmonious people and plant plan!

Change is a pressure test, it can bring out the best and the worst of our nature. Some people are wholeheartedly sharing a belief that we’re all heading towards something better (and lots of people are sensing this), but are being met with resistance because other people believe differently. And that can cause anger, either expressed or suppressed, for both parties.

I’m sensing change for the better, and I’m getting blowback because I can’t say exactly what it looks like yet. But the beginning of anything new is always sensed first, and impossible to get down rationally on paper. It’s a thread that has to be followed, a feeling that has to be cultivated, and resolve is required to hold onto it and not get swept away by other people’s opinions.

And on that note, in this YouTube video How to stand up for yourselfI explain one way  to not get swept away in times of confusion. It includes my demo of how to activate the acupuncture point Colon4 (CO4). This is a large intestine point. When people imagine the Large Intestine, the first thought is always: “gross”.  But it’s a gorgeous organ. It’s there to serve by ridding us of toxic, vengeful, furious, uncharitable or just negative thoughts, and letting our best side come forward so change is smoother and progress to harmony is faster.

I’m showing how to work with that point with your fingers, to put yourself into ‘neutral’. So when you meet resistance for any reason, instead of anger going up and getting expressed which causes conflict (yang), or becoming submissive (yin) in which case you take the conflict pathologically into your internal world (looping arguments in your head are not good for your organs), you hit center.

Neutral doesn’t mean weak, it means being the hub of the wheel, having a 360 degree view, the resolve to stand up for yourself and free choice. Doesn’t get better than that!

I’m doing a series of videos about activating various acupuncture points with a specific mindset for a specific outcome. Because I realised it’s all very well to go on about doing a chi practice every day to ultimately get total emotional control of yourself (which is the most awesome feeling ever), but sometimes we need a shortcut. So these are like little chi practice hacks that I’ve developed over 30 years of treating people, trying things out myself and immersion in the mystical depths of Chinese medicine.

WATCH THE DEMO of how to activate an acupuncture point with your fingers to instantly find your centr in the midst of confusion my latest youtube How to stand up for yourself

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