Health is the focus of the 2021 new year’s resolutions list. Lose weight is number one (same every year), and get more sleep, eat more healthy foods and exercise, are up there too. But fad dieting, fasting, or doing punishing exercise routines isn’t necessarily healthy and it doesn’t make us feel good. And what doesn’t feel good is unsustainable. Forget the quick fixes for 2021 and focus on rhythm.

Make your 2021 resolution: ‘get rhythm!’ We run on rhythm, it is the source code for health and happiness. Our bodies function rhythmically and they are connected to external 24 hour rhythms such as night and day. This is the chi cycle in Chinese medicine, and the circadian rhythm or bodyclock in the west.

It doesn’t matter what you call it, if you commit to rolling with it instead of committing to short term isolated goals (like ‘I will get 7 hours sleep’) 2021 will be your year of profound transformation.

Rearrange your day to ride the 24 hour rise and fall of the forces of yin and yang, and you’ll re-synch your body (organs) with the powerful cycles of nature, and you will slowly, surely and sustainably move towards wellbeing. These cycles support us, they help keep us on the path to purpose and destiny.

This great big holistic health picture starts with tiny little daily edits. Each small tweak makes the next one easier. The feel-good momentum grows until you are naturally so in tune, you are automatically drawn to healthier foods, to an earlier night, to less caffeine and sugar and the waistline reduces.

You’ll also automatically resist stuff like pulling all-nighters, or over-caffeinating yourself, or even bingeing for hours on quality TV (I reckon this this is like sculling down bottles of Grange – I say savour instead of scoff), because you’ll notice more and more that de-synching yourself doesn’t feel good.

Find your health rhythm and 2021 will take you beyond what you can imagine. I believe this is the year we’ve all been waiting for, the year when we have to change our internal world (improve our health) in order to hold steady in the centre, and simultaneously flow with change.

But we also need that health rhythm to be able to see the wonderful possibility of the future. The earth needs this. Getting a healthy rhythm going helps fight against fear and against wishing everything would go back to the way it was.

Tips for a transformative year:

  • Cut out all negative news. Just stop looking at it. Bad news is like a negative forcefield designed to suck you in. Seeing this stuff releases adrenal energy, it’s like a rush and, as such, it’s addictive. But every energy bump is generated by your kidneys, it’s for when you run into a predator, not for when you read news headlines or social media posts. That is the road to exhaustion.
  • Resist sharing bad news. That grows the negative forcefield’s power. Set up your health rhythm now to create and grow a positive forcefield.
  • Do exercise medicine in the morning. Detoxing the doom out daily makes space for optimism.
  • Eat well and slowly to generate inner peace.
  • Take Chinese herbal formulas for kidney strength; the great fear defeater
  • Find your health rhythm. This harmonises you with the processes of global transformation.

Life won’t go back to normal. And it’s not supposed to be. Change is the constant in life. This is the big change year, and to make it work for you the way forward is inward. Your inner world is where feeling safe, feeling strong, feeling calm and feeling happy comes from. Going inwards starts with rhythm. Your great future starts with rhythm.

Here’s my updated Chi Health Cycle plan poster. Remember any little change you make counts.