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Posted January 19, 2023
Jost Sauer prevent dementia webinar

How to boost brain health and beat dementia

by Jost Sauer

Brain fog, feeling spacey, fuzzy in the head, confused, forgetful, unfocused and blanking-out are uncomfortable symptoms, but they are also like the warning lights on the brain function dash. Don’t stick a bandaid over them! These symptoms are part of the organ imbalance progression that heads towards dementia.

Dementia is now the number one disease most people fear and DW (Dementia Worry) is a growing psychological issue. Dementia is on the rise globally affecting an estimated 82 million people by 2030, including much younger people than ever before. My mother died of Alzheimer’s and it was a terrible end to her life, so this is a topic I’m passionate about.

We’re not powerless over our brain health. We can amp-up cognitive function, increase alertness, sharpen memory, eliminate brain fog and actively prevent dementia, all with lifestyle. Our organs are in charge of brain functions including memory, information processing, analytical thinking, retention and recall, so all we have to do is support our organs. Sleep, exercise and stress management are critical for this, and chi-cycle alignment too because when you exercise and when you sleep are next-level dementia prevention strategies (science has also discovered that when we eat impacts on brain health).

In Chinese Medicine dementia is associated with a spleen / kidney weakness and this is one of the most common conditions I see in clients of all ages now. So in my webinar this Saturday (21 Jan) I’ll be sharing ancient insights and cutting-edge research on how to boost your brain health and prevent dementia.

In Chinese medicine the brain is the ‘Sea of Marrow’ and one of the six extraordinary organs. I’ll be delving into the connection between bone marrow, amyloid plaque and the preventative power of exercise, and getting into fascinating stuff about the meridians that govern your brain and how you can activate them.

I’ll be covering the foods that weaken spleen and kidney (the same ones that produce amyloids) – the ‘white foods’ such as processed pasta, cakes, white sugar, white rice and white bread – and the yummy foods that boost brain health by supporting spleen and kidney. And, as usual, I’ll get mystical and talk about your Hun (ethereal soul) and dementia. And synaptic plasticity, acupuncture and chi practices – this is pretty wild – plus polyphenols from the perspective of Chinese medicine.

Exercise is one of the main preventative tools for dementia. There’s heaps of Western research now showing that the brain actually depends on regular physical activity to function optimally. Exercise prevents shrinkage in areas of the brain associated with memory and cognitive function. It improves concentration, it increases the growth of new blood vessels to support the development of new neurons and more! But the most exciting research result is that Tai chi wins hands down over all other forms of exercise with an astonishing effect on clearing plaque.

And another favourite topic is herbs and supplements. There are no pharmaceuticals that enhance cognition and slow down the progression from mild memory complaints to dementia so far, but there are plenty of plant-based nutrients that have proven beneficial effects on brain ageing. So I’ll be discussing natural nootropics, antioxidants and medicinal herbs (especially astragalus and ashwagandha) and my go-to ones: Major Four Herb Combination and Well-being.

WEBINAR RECORDING How To beat Dementia


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