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Posted May 5, 2024
Jost Sauer find your Higher Self

How to handle turbulent times

by Jost Sauer

Turbulent times call for turbo-charged action from us.

It’s tempting to go for ‘shelter and safety’ when stressed, confused, anxious or fearful, by comfort eating, over-sleeping or bingeing –  on food, drugs, alcohol or screens – but this creates weakness right when we need strength.

My recommendation is tough self-love. Boot-camp yourself through your weekdays.

Build resilience by facing resistance and the very best way, is to make yourself get up early and move. That’s a hurdle for everyone (or 99% of people) so repeatedly doing it creates a kind of muscle memory and you’ll face whatever turbulence the day brings (and it could be anything) with energy and enthusiasm and from a place of centre.

A lot of the global turbulence is connected to us.

We’re the micro affecting the macro (Chinese medicine) with our turbo-charged emotional reactivity. As I posted during the week, if one minute you’re stable and everything’s fine and then the next, boom, you’re spinning out (which I hear all the time from everyone), restorative action is required otherwise everything escalates.

You might feel powerless in the face of global events, injustices or the ‘bigs’ (pharma, food, tech etc), but take control of your physical and emotional health and you become the solution, and you’re untouchable (Chinese medicine). Every thought and action ripples out around you, interacting with energy fields, personal and planetary. We’ve got a responsibility to be the best we can.

Wanting to go back to pre-turbulent times isn’t a solution or an option.

And it’s not like everything was calm and cruisy before this particular period of ‘turbulence’. Here’s 2 of my publishing experiences that illustrate that.

Way pre-pandemic: Higher and Higher, the first book got rejected by a couple of publishers (boo), then we self-published and sold thousands (yay), then got a distributor (more yay). It made it to number one on their list and was stocked in bookshops around the country. Then the distributor went bankrupt, we never saw the stock or the $ again. But then Allen and Unwin made an offer (yay) and another journey started, that one also ended in tears (but that’s a much longer story).

Fast forward to early 2020, and the fifth book Chi Health Cycle, was bought by a niche British publisher with an editor who ‘got it’ (this is necessary). But then came the C-word and, like many small businesses living on the edge and committed to their art or work, they went bankrupt. But the book then got acquired by a bigger UK publisher who had a bigger marketing budget (yay) but then the pandemic just kept going and going, the lockdowns started and the book launched right in the middle of one, when every shop in London shut down!

That industry is going through turbulence, and it always has.

A lot of the world is going through turbulence and it always has. My clients are going through turbulence and always have, it’s just that right now it’s much more intense. I believe it’s all part a cosmic plan and a priceless opportunity to seek our higher selves. It’s ‘growth gold’, don’t waste it, turbo-charge it! See you at 5am!

And here’s my YouTube video on how to connect to your higher self: Open the Portal to Your Higher Self  

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