Spiritual awakening: a practical guide online course

I just came across research finding that over 40% of the population had had a profound spiritual experience or spiritual awakening that changed the direction of their life, but that most of them don’t talk about it. The common factors people reported were an increased belief in the immortality of the spirit, becoming aware of human […]

How to follow your heart

Jost Sauer Spiritual attunement acupuncture

‘Follow your heart’ is common happiness advice. Even Steve Jobs famously said it. Less common is effective ‘how to follow your heart’ advice.   Chinese medicine has this sorted. Its lineage is the spiritual seeking sages of ancient China, and the heart is not just a pump, it is the seat of spirit (shen), or […]

How to transcend negativity

We know life will end, and we know it will never end. And we know both these things (subconsciously) at the same time. This makes life tricky for us humans. Having a temporary body that is home to an eternal soul can be confusing. Chinese medicine gave this some thought (centuries of it in fact) […]

Strategies for a spiritual life

VCM workshop

Spirituality is the movement towards your true self. It’s a journey as they say, but not a smooth one, which they don’t say! There’s obstacles, and twists and turns ahead. If you know what to expect it’s going to be a smoother ride. So, based on my experience, here’s a sample roadmap. First of all you […]

How to Find Your True Self

Self-judgment, low self-esteem and not knowing the ‘true self’ are recurring themes in my work with clients. A starting point is to know what ‘the self’ is. In Chinese medicine the self is both physical (acquired) and spiritual (cosmic). The plan is for us to have a good balance of the two so we can […]

It never works out the way you think, but it always works out in the end

Our contract with Heaven We all have creativity, ideas, dreams and destiny. In some Daoist philosophies, which went on to inform TCM, this is considered as our ‘contract with Heaven’. This is still one of my favourite healthy lifestyle concepts, it inspires me to make everything extra meaningful, and I often describe it as us […]

How to deal with entities from drug-using clients: a practitioner guide

Natural therapies offer extremely effective solutions for drug recovery and repair, however, an important aspect of this work that is not often addressed is the influence of the ‘invisible worlds’ on both people who have taken recreational drugs and those who are in contact with them. This is particularly relevant for therapists who use energetic […]

How to heal a drug past

After working in the area of holistic health (specialising in drug-related conditions) for many years now I have realised that, in order for most ex-heavy drug users to feel really good again, the journey that the drugs started needs to continue but via beneficial methods. This is because drug-users crave not the drugs, but the exhilarating, euphoric or blissful […]

Drugs and spirituality

Jost Sauer find your Spiritual self program

DRUGS, SPIRITUALITY AND THE NEW AGE My first acid trip was, I thought, a beautiful spiritual experience. It satisfied the deepest desires of my soul. I understood the ultimate goal of human existence. I felt utterly complete. It was as if a filter had been removed and all my senses could finally function at optimum […]


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