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Posted February 4, 2024

How to make fear work for you

by Jost Sauer

Fear used to save us. These days it’s ruining us. Fearing the future, fearing change, fearing death, fearing speaking your truth, fearing what people will think if you follow your dreams, it’s all piling up. And we’ve got media, leaders and governments actively fear-mongering.

Chronic fear depletes your ‘kidney yang’, and that leads to lethargy, spiritual fatigue, loss of taste (food not style!), fluid retention, slowness, wanting to sleep a lot, depression and negative thoughts. So this week’s theme is friending fear.

Fear can show the way forward.

Fear is an evolutionary tool. We all have a purpose, a ‘contract with heaven’ as the Daoists put it, but it usually comes served up with fear. If we chicken-out of following up on dreams and ideas it stops us evolving and that slows the big picture cosmic harmony plan, so knowing how to work with fear is important.

Public speaking was my biggest fear. My knees would go weak at the thought (weak knees is a kidney condition). I’d picture myself collapsing on stage and being carried out on a stretcher right through the middle of the shocked audience, or blanking-out halfway through a sentence and embarrassing myself.

Whenever the opportunity to speak came up, my first thought used to be ‘better not do it’ and then I’d feel instant relief, but giving-in lowers self-esteem which makes you more fearful. I turned it around back then with daily resistance training, Chinese herbal formulas that support the kidneys (fear is associated with kidneys) and by staying out of my comfort zone, because public speaking felt like purpose. I loved that feeling, and love is more powerful than fear!

Build Bold Momentum

Doing what scares you builds your kidney chi and then you get ‘bold momentum’. You start seeking out what creates that feeling. Not stuff like adrenalin sports (that’s a temporary rush not a purpose), but the things that make you feel the connection between overcoming fear connected to your purpose. The more of that we all do the better because these times call for boldness.

The last thing we want is what someone called ‘boldness regret’ where, at the end of your life, you regret the things you didn’t do rather than what you did. Inner peace in later life comes from having given it a go, even if it didn’t work out (no one regrets their failures). We are all here on evolutionary business, to do things that benefit the greater good and opting for ‘security’ instead doesn’t (security is so 2022 now anyway).

Dealing with Chronic Fear

So that’s the role of fear as an evolutionary tool. But feeling fearful all the time is different, it can be a side-effect of a ‘jing-burning’ stressed-out, sleep-nutrient-rhythm deprived lifestyle. This creates pathology and taxes your kidneys. This requires Chinese herbal formulas and treatment. Signs & symptoms of weak kidneys include:

  • Erectile dysfunction especially unable to maintain erection (easy to fix with Chinese herbal formulas)
  • Orgasms feel weak, no joy in sex and ejaculation is experienced without pleasure
  • Sex is mental rather than a full body experience
  • Sore and achy knees
  • Memory loss
  • Apathy and no passion for things (kidneys are affiliated with passion, strong kidneys means a passion for life)
  • Lacking oomph (power) everything feels like a drag.
  • Feeling fearful for no apparent reason
  • Lacking confidence
  • Frequent abundant urination
  • Hesitation which is misinterpreted as procrastination (it’s low kidney chi).
  • Premature greying of hair
  • Basically life sucks

Future Fearless vs Future Fear

We may be being bombarded with stuff that makes us fear the future but from the soul reincarnation perspective (it’s real) our future is huge. Regardless of what’s going on, or going down, our real future is our soul growth so every minute counts, every day is important, and what we develop on soul level will stay with us. Work on kidney power and self-growth choices become natural. You”ll be:

  • Facing fear vs Paralyzed by fear
  • Self-Cultivating vs Self-Sabotaging
  • Improving yourself vs Proving people wrong
  • Being here now vs Worrying about the future
  • Transforming anger vs Expressing anger
  • Seeking cosmic consciousness vs Seeking revenge
  • Doing it vs Procrastinating
  • Healthy daily rhythm vs Random lifestyle

And, on that last point, follow the chi cycle to harness the power of natural rhythms and help keep your kidneys nourished with chi to strengthen your true self. REad more about that in Chi Health Cycle This is you doing your part, putting the effort in, so then the Dao will do its part. This means in 2024 things will happen that will work in your favour.

This week’s video Use Fear for Self-growth 

Fear can paralyse you, you get a big fright and you freeze (a good reason to learn a martial art because it teaches you how to move that). When that happens it’s not your nature, it’s you not knowing what it is or what to do with it. Paralysed by fear is because there’s too much energy but it’s not moving, inability to decide which way to go, overthinking. This video  introduces two energy / acupuncture points, that you can easily activate with your fingers, to prep-up for and overcome fear, or the feeling of being paralyzed by fear, whether connected to your purpose or organ health. Stomach 36 – to get grounded and as it regulates the defences, and Kidney 27 one of the famed ‘God points’. This is a great combo to conquer the world fearlessly in full spirit mode!

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