Graves Disease

There are several lifestyle and emotional factors that are related to Grave’s disease, but I’ll be looking specifically at the anger connection here. In Chinese medicine anger is neither negative nor positive, it’s part of the Five Element cycle and a creative force – if it is understood, expressed and used properly. But if anger isn’t […]


As an ex-addict (in my youth) I understand chills experientially as well as academically. If a drug-user doesn’t get a hit they feel so cold they start shivering even on a warm or hot day. These chills are the stage before the shivering turns spasmodic (the ‘cold turkey’). The underlying cause is the same for […]


I suffered from insomnia for years and it nearly drove me crazy. I tried all sorts of things from sleeping potions, to various forms of therapy, to desperate bottles of wine and nothing worked. This is because insomnia is lifestyle induced so the only cure is lifestyle changes. In TCM insomnia is caused by an […]


Agitation is a physical reaction to emotional and mental tension. I’ve noticed that a lot of my clients think agitation is the same as irritability but these are very different and involve different organs. Irritability doesn’t need a stimulus, you could be on a great holiday or surrounded by people being nice to you and […]


I suffered badly from anxiety for years and I know that lifestyle is the best way to treat it. I describe anxiety as the feeling you get if your mind is not anchored. The things make you feel solid and safe make chi descend. The things that make you feel anxious are things that make […]


A healthy mind is the outcome of a healthy heart in TCM, and a healthy heart is the outcome of healthy kidneys, and this is down to lifestyle. A weakening of heart and / or kidneys will weaken the mind and manifest as dementia symptoms. Dementia is on the rise because so many contemporary lifestyle factors […]


I’ve treated countless numbers of people with depression and it is never ‘just in your mind’. If anyone says that to you, don’t listen. Depression involves your body, your lifestyle and even your purpose and this is how you treat it. Depression can be a physical response to excessive pressure and stress (doing too many […]

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