When energy becomes stagnant you experience it as pain. Aching knees or lower back, for example, can be due to an injury or overuse which causes a localised inner deficiency that blocks the chi from flowing freely through the meridian in the affected area. But, if the stagnation takes place in your lungs you will […]


I suffered from insomnia for years and it nearly drove me crazy. I tried all sorts of things from sleeping potions, to various forms of therapy, to desperate bottles of wine and nothing worked. This is because insomnia is lifestyle induced so the only cure is lifestyle changes. In TCM insomnia is caused by an […]

Barking Cough

Barking cough in adults is often a result of a high-stress lifestyle (especially financial and deadline induced stress); relentless pressure, overwork and the associated time-deprivation diet (fast foods, sugar hits, or raw and cold foods); smoking for stress management, and sleep deprivation. This creates internal imbalances leading to the formation of ‘phlegm’. The pressure and […]

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