I suffered from insomnia for years and it nearly drove me crazy. I tried all sorts of things from sleeping potions, to various forms of therapy, to desperate bottles of wine and nothing worked. This is because insomnia is lifestyle induced so the only cure is lifestyle changes. In TCM insomnia is caused by an […]


Amenorrhea is always associated with an overly yang lifestyle that depletes the yin. Yin is the basis for blood and the depletion of yin interferes with menstrual blood production. Blood is a vital substance and if the body can’t afford to lose any more of it, amenorrhea becomes a safety mechanism to prevent burn-out. Amenorrhea […]


I suffered badly from anxiety for years and I know that lifestyle is the best way to treat it. I describe anxiety as the feeling you get if your mind is not anchored. The things make you feel solid and safe make chi descend. The things that make you feel anxious are things that make […]


Muscle cramps now affect people across a wide range of ages and levels of fitness, rather than being primarily a symptom of the elderly, as in the past. Cramps are always a chronic condition. It is a yin and blood deficiency pattern. Cramps are more of an issue at nighttime because of this. You can […]


There are multiple lifestyle triggers for headaches. It could be a big night out, over-exercising, lack of exercise, emotional stress, lack of sleep, overwork, constant anger or frustration, or your diet that triggers a headache, but the root cause comes down to your liver, yin and yang, and chi. If yin and yang are out […]

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