In a state of apathy you lose your reason for being here, you lose your ‘fire for life’. I saw this in my father (who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s) but people misunderstood his apathy back then, they didn’t realise that it is an organ malfunction not a behavior. It is not deliberate and not something […]


I’ve treated countless numbers of people with depression and it is never ‘just in your mind’. If anyone says that to you, don’t listen. Depression involves your body, your lifestyle and even your purpose and this is how you treat it. Depression can be a physical response to excessive pressure and stress (doing too many […]

Frequent Urination

How often is too often? In TCM there are no hard and fast rules. We treat the person not the symptom. So it depends on your fluid intake, but also on whether you are a more yang type (who burn more fluids) or a yin type (burn less fluids and need to urinate more often). […]