Graves Disease

There are several lifestyle and emotional factors that are related to Grave’s disease, but I’ll be looking specifically at the anger connection here. In Chinese medicine anger is neither negative nor positive, it’s part of the Five Element cycle and a creative force – if it is understood, expressed and used properly. But if anger isn’t […]

Abdominal Distension

Abdominal distension is what happens when chi stagnates in your abdominal area. This is the hub of chi flow in your body. Abdominal distension is not bloating, as it doesn’t go down, and in the initial stage it is not fat, it is not weight gain, it is just chi stagnation. This begins on an […]


I suffered badly from anxiety for years and I know that lifestyle is the best way to treat it. I describe anxiety as the feeling you get if your mind is not anchored. The things make you feel solid and safe make chi descend. The things that make you feel anxious are things that make […]


I hammered my body in the past, especially during skiing training sessions by jogging in ski boots, doing over 100 km per hour and jumping over moguls using my knees as shock absorbers, and breaking my leg a couple of times. When I was young I didn’t feel the impact of any of that but […]


Bloating is so common now, I rarely see a client who doesn’t suffer from it. I’ve noticed that people always blame bread, pasta or carbs, but this is only part of the cause. If you try and treat bloating by cutting out everything that makes you bloat, you can end up with a diet so […]

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