Jost Sauer webinar program

Video / Phone Consult 1.5 hours


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Discover who you are, your challenge, your advantages and your nature, and get a strategy to turn weakness into strength.

Start your journey to health and happiness now with professional guidance and healing strategies for anxiety, depression, panic disorders, anger issues, work /life balance, relationships, addictions, eating disorders, sexual issues, self-worth, lifestyle disease and more.

This holistic overhaul can include the most effective treatments for your symptoms, the best supplements, diet and herbal formulas for your health and happiness goals; the most effective exercises for you; the most effective ways to build chi in your daily schedule .

Sessions are available Monday/Tuesday and Thursday/ Friday during business hours. Prepayment is essential and Jost will then contact you to set the time. Book in now because it’s always the right time to make positive change!

*Sessions are non-refundable but are transferrable. 

Jost has been a practicing therapist for nearly 30 years. He has run holistic health centres, groundbreaking rehabs, international lifestyle medicine retreats, and treated thousands of clients from celebrities to CEOs for every imaginable symptom and situation. Take this opportunity to make the change you’ve always wanted to your health and life.


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