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Jost kickstarts the recovery revolution with this practical yet spiritually profound guide to quitting drugs and finding highs again naturally. Psychedelic, confessional and informative it’s a myth-busting must-read for the next-gen unapologetic drug-users who don’t consider themselves diseased, don’t want to be normal, but do want a meaningful and extraordinary life journey after addiction.

This is the third book Jost wrote about drugs. It condenses 20 years of research into a simple, entertaining, insightful recovery manual for the 21st century. This groundbreaking book presents a radical new approach to recovery based on what you got right on drugs! It shares how to use Jost’s Chi Cycle lifestyle program to quit drugs, avoid cravings and repair body, mind and spirit.

Solidly grounded in Traditional Chinese medicine, infused with Daoist philosophy and enlivened by Sauer’s own brutally honest addiction stories, it is a truly non-judgmental read and the first to connect the dots between addiction and finding the cosmic self.


Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite

Slim as it looks, The Rebel’s Guide to Recovery by Jost Sauer is a gem for anyone living in the claws of addiction, a book with groundbreaking techniques for achieving freedom from drugs and other addictions. Here is a book that offers a holistic, revolutionary approach to achieving inner freedom and getting clean. With powerful and endearing lessons from his own experience — hard-won lessons — the author helps readers locate the key to healing from addiction, right in their own experience and nature. Here is an approach that allows the reader to transform their addiction into a creative tool, making the journey toward healing one of growth, self-awareness, and conquests. In this book, readers will find elements of Eastern philosophy and something close to Western thought, but the journey doesn’t feel like the Calvary that most people undergo in rehabilitation centers.

As a chain smoker, I found so many useful elements in this book. Jost Sauer dispenses wisdom I haven’t read anywhere else and readers will enjoy his perceptive insights about life and self-realization. Here are two among the many powerful sayings in this book to ponder: “Admit you have a solution rather than a problem,” and “Don’t go back to normal, go forward into new territory.” The Rebel’s Guide to Recovery will teach readers the right way to handle shame and self-pity, to orient their healing journey towards a purpose, and to embrace themselves with loving tenderness while connecting with the liberating energy that flows through the cosmos. In this well-written and very accessible guide, readers will find techniques that are transformative, and mantras that will help them shift their focus. It’s a book that allows the reader to journey with an expert who has walked down the same path of addiction and has found freedom. This book is highly recommended for all kinds of addicts.

Sam’s Review

I’ve just started reading your book! 10 pages in, and FINALLY, someone who’s actually understanding of the many, many people who have fallen into the drug scene in some way or another. Wow, finally someone who knows how it really is for a recovering addict. Sam

Steve’s Review

If you are wanting to let go of the crutch of drugs or would like to understand more about what is in the mind of someone taking drugs then read this book. Jost is a funny guy too and his truth and honesty come unashamedly out from the pages. Steve

Michael’s Review

I am a former binge drinker and ‘drug user’, when I read Jost’s book all the ideas clicked and I felt inspired to make a change and shift my preconceived ideas about drug use. I have not read any other author who comes close to understanding ‘drug addiction’. I could not believe the huge amount of insights I gained and ‘ah ha’ moments I had when reading it. Michael

Anthony’s Review

If you are between 15-80 and you take drugs, read this book. If you are thinking of taking drugs, read this book. If you know someone you care for, or are concerned about, who takes drugs, read this book. If you have given drugs and alcohol away, read this book. I have seen this model work, successfully, first hand. On me. Anthony

Shane’s Review

Rebel’s Guide is quite clearly written for people with the attention span of a 2 year old kid, much like myself. If you have no idea about Chinese medicine it doesn’t matter. Jost’s explanations are nothing short of superb. It is witty, honest and quite simply genius! Shane

Aelf’s Review

I would recommend this book to anyone who has taken drugs and to anyone who hasn’t, and particularly to those who need to find a new way to approach addiction – either their own or that of someone close. Jost Sauer shares his knowledge and experience generously. Aelf.

Michael’s Review

Rebel’s Guide delivers the insights and conceptual shifts necessary for someone to move beyond the negative emotional states that comes with long term drug/alcohol use and into a life that is more addictive and fulfilling than the drug states themselves. Michael

Nick’s Review

If you’re struggling to make sense of things after drug use or if you are somebody that partied hard and feel a bit lost, or just a person that is disenchanted about the ‘jail’ we call society today….?? Well this book will bail you out! Nick

Rick’s Review

This book explains very complex physical, mental & spiritual health (chi) building techniques, in a language that anyone could understand and relate to…even if you are totally off your face. Rick

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