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Posted May 12, 2024

Soul matter vs karmic matter

by Jost Sauer

93% of the universe is invisible dark matter (that’s physics).

A professor I recently heard on a podcast (with a PhD majoring in Karma!) says this is ‘karmic matter’. Each of us is made up of soul matter and karmic matter.

Every one of our actions either adds to or reduces karmic matter, altering the soul / karmic matter balance for better or worse. The gaol is to have more soul matter and less karmic matter, because that equals happiness.

Apart from being impressed that you can get a PhD in Karma, I found the idea profound. Everything has a frequency, so that karmic matter would radiate out and attract like (law of attraction).

Imagine we’ve all got ‘matter-o-meter’ running all the time in the background.

So say it’s at 70 dark and 30 soul, you’ve got much higher chance of attracting friction, entanglement and drama, but also many more opportunities for pumping up the soul side!

In Chinese medicine terms, each organ has a psychic (energy) field responsible for negative and positive emotions. A trigger will instantly bring forward the negative emotions, like feelings of anger or fear. If you can access your higher consciousness, resist entanglement, you can build soul matter. That attracts like and love grows.

But you can’t just set an intent to do this and do good, it has to resonate with your psychic action.

So, say you are telling someone you forgive them of something, but internally thinking what an a’hole, that dark matter grows. Lining up actions and psychic action is the job of your organs and their tool is chi.

Dark matter is fully understood in TCM. This is via San Jiao (a very mysterious organ).

It is the regulator of matter throughout the body. It’s the ‘management’ behind the Emperor (AKA your heart) and the success of that management depends on your lifestyle. You are totally in charge of that, so you are the master of matter.

Every daily action that benefits your organs (food, breath, movement, rhythm) builds chi and your ability to turn dark into light.

Make each day a ‘chi practical’, and we can all get a PhD in Karma!

For more insights into becoming a master of matter, check out my youtube on adapting to change The Chi of Change

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