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Posted March 17, 2024

Spiritual secrets to looking young

by Jost Sauer

One of the latest healthy ageing measures is your ‘real organ age’.

There’s this theory that some of our organs ‘fall apart’ or age faster than others and this can predict onset of specific diseases (Harvard). They seem to think that when organs ‘fall apart’ there’s nothing we can do. I’m  calling ‘organ discrimination’ on that!

In Chinese medicine we can start reversing organ age whenever we want.

It’s lifestyle not some random biological malfunction that will take a toll on a particular organ, and it’s lifestyle that can rejuvenate every organ. The ultimate health goal should be to look younger, by making your organs younger, every day. But do it for spiritual purposes not social media!

I reckon the social media / celebrity obsession with staying young looking at all costs is rooted in something deeper.

Spiritual masters from many traditions say that in our true state (soul state on the ‘other side’) we are forever 30. Maybe the anti-ageing movement is connected to the rise of spiritual consciousness that is happening now. The most common age for getting botox is around 30.

30 is the point at which your body has optimum repair function.

Skin has elasticity and firmness rather than wrinkles, sagging and age spots. But there’s also an important energy aspect to this. Our fundamental state is spirit, we are an energy field with 12 energy organs that communicate with each other via 12 meridians. When we are born this energy system maps over the physical body. The energy field shapes the physical body for the first 30 years by pumping energy to all the organs. But then we have to take over, the only problem is no one tells us this and now aging begins and then accelerates.

At age 30 we should be starting to make lifestyle changes for preventative health and anti-aging.

Things like balancing partying by amping up supplements and getting quality sleep, and getting a healthy daily rhythm in place. And to start thinking about preserving Jing – our own fountain of youth. This is what’s going to prevent the signs of aging and the development of chronic disease because you are keeping organs rejuvenated.

We are all part heaven and part earth, our organs are the mediators between the two.

So reversing ageing comes from working with earth and rejuvenation via medicinal movement, nutritious food, and supplementation. But also from working with heaven and revitalisation via chi practices like yoga, which is where the energy that gives us vitality and life force comes from (this is why dedicated yoga and chi practitioners look young).

But anti-aging shouldn’t be about looking young, it should be about feeling young.
We want to be moving freely, staying interested and engaged with life and people, and to keep the fires of purpose burning right up until the last breath. We need to pursue anti-aging to keep doing the work of heaven that will help the earth!

Some anti-aging organ tips:

  • Chi practice: if chi flows freely you can maintain a biological age (organ age) of around 30.
  • Breath practice: your lungs are responsible for rejuvenating your skin. The more you work with breath the more you nourish your lungs and create supple, smooth skin.
  • I recommend a little bit of strength / resistance training every day because that’s more effective for organ health than going full-on a couple of times a week.
  • Follow the chi cycle health rhythm. Organs need this, and it was inspired by the age defying discoveries of the Daoists.

Love your organs, feel young, love yourself!

Book in for Jost’s customised anti-aging plan that you can implement at any age. Get all the secrets to supple skin and limbs, bright eyes, a lean body, heaps of energy and the passion to pursue purpose. Includes diet advice, supplementation, most effective movements for your age, and more.

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Jost Sauer is a healthy lifestyle expert. He is an author, acupuncturist, and has been a therapist since the 80s.

Jost Sauer is also an ex-addict, dealer and deserter turned addiction recovery trailblazer. He pioneered lifestyle medicine for addiction, kickstarted a recovery revolution with his groundbreaking new rehab program, and then adapted the program for everyone as the Chi Cycle lifestyle; a health-boosting, fat-burning feel-good day-plan.

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