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Posted September 6, 2022

Strategies for a spiritual life

by Jost Sauer

Spirituality is the movement towards your true self. It’s a journey as they say, but not a smooth one, which they don’t say! There’s obstacles, and twists and turns ahead. If you know what to expect it’s going to be a smoother ride. So, based on my experience, here’s a sample roadmap.

First of all you need a reason to take the spiritual trip and this is usually that life feels meaningless, painful or hopeless, or it’s something like a post-addiction recovery strategy. In which case you start in turmoil, all stirred up. Or it’s rational / mystical, as in you know that there is more to life and it’s time to find it.

So you’ve packed some baggage to take with you, and / or expectations of how it’s going to play out and what you are going to get. The search begins. You find something, maybe it’s yoga or becoming vegan, and you’re on the way. Calmness and happiness and meaning will be yours. And because you’ve made a move it feels inspiring. In tech speak, it’s the movement of the hun or soul, this always feels right and it feels good. It’s exciting. You’re on the up.

But then there’s a dip. You’re not getting what you wanted, and it’s like an underlying emotional sabotage cuts in. Interest wanes, there’s a disconnect, a critical voice creeps in. It projects out. Maybe you see flaws in a teacher or they start triggering you, or people in the class, or the place is not right. In tech speak Po, the purely physical you, is rising for battle. It’s armed up with cynicism and disillusionment.

Lots of people give up at this point. But a. that conflict is natural and b. you can override and eliminate it by knowing that it’s Po talking not the real you (the real you is blissful union with all there is). And that being spiritual requires your body, because this is where we get the internal power to instinctively dismiss the sabotage (Po) and stay on the spiritual track.

Spirituality is an all-organ adventure. For example, spirituality calls for liver love because your liver is the Po and Hun waterloo. And you need your heart on board for the love of the light; your small intestine for good judgment calls, your gallbladder for the courage to stick with it, and more. You can write a Po and Hun peace treaty with a lifestyle that follows the preferences of your organs (cue the chi cycle!). Each organ has a special spiritual guidance gift for you, and with that team behind you the spiritual path can smooth out like silk.

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Jost Sauer is a healthy lifestyle expert. He is an author, acupuncturist, and has been a therapist since the 80s.

Jost Sauer was also an ex-addict, dealer and deserter who kickstarted a recovery revolution  with his groundbreaking rehab program. Jost pioneered lifestyle medicine for addiction and then adapted this for everyone as the Chi Cycle lifestyle; a health-boosting, fat-burning feel-good day plan.

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