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Posted November 26, 2018

What is the Chi Health Cycle?

by Jost Sauer

The chi health cycle is daily routine that naturally builds up your health, energy and happiness every 24 hours. I’ve treated a lot of people who feel their life is such a mess that they don’t even know where to start to change. I’ve been there too, big time. The chi health cycle turned my life around. The chi health cycle taps into the power of ‘chi’ (Qi) and aligns your actions with the natural rhythms of the day.

By the time I was twenty-one, I was ready to suicide. My enthusiasm for psychedelic drugs had led to speed-addiction, alcoholism, anarchy and paranoia. My health was shot and my relationships were screwed. Each day my life felt a bit more meaningless, empty and depressed.

I’m grateful for that experience now though, because it launched my lifelong quest for health and happiness. This led me to discover the power of chi, inspired me to study Chinese medicine and ultimately to develop the chi cycle lifestyle which makes life feel more purposeful, positive and awesome each day.

What is the chi health cycle?
The lifestyle creates youthful fit bodies, glowing skin, vitality, longevity and absolute certainty about your purpose and destiny. In a word: happiness! This is what we all want and we can have it by using the chi cycle as a structure for our daily lives.

In each 24 hours your chi (or energy) moves through your body. It spends two hours in each of your organs (in Chinese medicine we have twelve). When and how you do things either builds up your chi stores (which equates to happiness) or depletes them (which leads to misery).

The more things you do at the peak times, the more chi you build and the better your life becomes. For example if you wake up and immediately do some breathing and exercise between 5am and 7am while your chi is in your large intestine – the organ connected to letting go of your old crap (literally and symbolically) – it makes a huge difference to the day ahead.

How does the chi health cycle create more energy?
You start the day feeling energized and in charge of your life. This has a positive impact on everything that happens next. You’ll be more productive, more satisfied and inclined to be nicer to everyone. You’ve triggered a happy day cycle. This makes the next day, week, month, year and so on, more likely to be positive and happy.

But if you sleep in, you miss out on that opportunity, and your emotional barometer for the day ahead shifts slightly towards being stuck in the past. You’ll find yourself more lethargic, resenting work, seeing faults in co-workers, complaining about the boss, having heaps of coffee and / or junk foods to try and create a feeling of change. You end up unproductive, annoyed and inclined to be a bit meaner to everyone. This has a negative impact on the next day, week, month, year and even the rest of your life.

Everything you do in each 24 hour cycle, either works for you or against you. If you make it all work for you, the benefits are endless. Apart from looking younger, feeling fitter, slimming down and living longer, you will get closer to your true self. Following the chi cycle unleashes the real you and this is essential for happiness. It builds such inner strength that you will naturally pursue what you were born to do, instead of doing what you think you are supposed to do.

Follow the cycle health cycle and life becomes the extraordinary and adventurous journey that it was meant to be.

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About Jost Sauer –
The Lifestyle Medicine Man

Jost Sauer is a healthy lifestyle expert. He is an author, acupuncturist, and has been a therapist since the 80s.

Jost Sauer was also an ex-addict, dealer and deserter who kickstarted a recovery revolution  with his groundbreaking rehab program. Jost pioneered lifestyle medicine for addiction and then adapted this for everyone as the Chi Cycle lifestyle; a health-boosting, fat-burning feel-good day plan.

Jost has treated tens of thousands of people including celebrities, CEOs and athletes, with his Chi Cycle Health System, and offers training and retreats. His passion is to show everyone how to make every day medicinal and magical…

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