Chinese herbal formulas for energy, calmness and productivity.

Happiness Pack


Happiness Pack is the plant-based support collection for highly stressful times. Three key Chinese herbal formulas boost energy and calmness so you feel focussed and productively energised. They enhance mood, are anti-inflammatory, and stress and anxiety reducing. They build chi (Qi) or energy, boost chi flow and when his happens everything feels better. Life doesn’t have to be so hard!

Major Four is a calming, energy building combination. It improves spleen, stomach, lung (your source for energy). Great for preventing daily energy crashes and restoring stability. It reduces stress, improves digestion, decreases puffiness in the face and eyelids and dark circles under the eyes. It calms the nerves and emotions, improves brain functioning. It slows down ageing, This is a powerful energy builder that will give you zest to power through the day, to feel focussed, centred and in control of your business and personal life. If you feel the battery is flat, or your tank is empty and you keep getting energy crashes, you need this formula. If you have brain fog and can’t think clearly, this formula will boost mental power and clarity of mind.  

Traditionally it is used to tonify chi (Qi), and has a velvety smooth action. Also to treat symptoms including: memory loss, restlessness, fatigue, dizziness, apathy, tiredness, rheumatism, bloating, loss of appetite, weak voice, shortness of breath, anorexia, loose stool, oedema of the eyelids

Hoelen & Bamboo This sweet and cooling formula calms and improves  mood. It’s ideal for dealing with events that cause fear and anxiety, or when you are experiencing emotional distress. It’s also used for lethargy and heaviness, when you feel stuck and want to experience progress (in this context it targets depression and anxiety). It promotes deep breathing and supports decision-making. It reduces distension and stuffiness in the chest or abdomen, dispels the feeling of a lump in the throat (associated with emotional distress), reduces strain on the cardiovascular system through the release of excess fluid (hypertension); plus helps relieve stomach upset and vomiting. This formula treats epigastric or abdominal pain, constipation, abdominal hardness, distension and pain, poor appetite, shortness of breath and fatigue.

Tangkuei and Bupleurum Known as the ‘happy wanderer’ this sweet-tasting herbal formula really is a wonder. It makes you feel alert but calm, and it is a mood-enhancer. It treats fatigue, depression and irritability, especially due to exhaustion. The formula also has anti-inflammatory and anti-stress effects (via the enhanced release and potentiation of hormones from the adrenal cortex, a similar yet milder effect to medical anti-inflammatory drugs). The anti-stress effect reduces severe anxiety (research shows effects as strong as that of diazepam but without the side effects).  Traditionally used to treat: depression, irritability, short-temperedness, headache, abdominal pain, IBS, tiredness and fatigue, fluid retention, anorexia, PMT, liver chi stagnation, liver and spleen disharmony and more.


PS Tangkuei and Bupleurum has replaced Bupleurum & Cyperus as the symptom it targets are exactly what we need in these challenging times. 

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