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This is Jost’s first book and it took 8 years to write. It’s a page turner, many people read it in one go. It combines a brutally honest account of the good and bad times of Jost’s own drug days, combined with case histories from his work at the leading edge of addiction recovery. Higher and Higher is, in turn, confronting, thought-provoking, sometimes funny, rebellious and revelatory. Jost introduces some simple ideas of Chinese medicine and proposes that everyone wants to feel good, we just need a sustainable way to do that.

If you’ve ever wondered:

* Why you get ‘the munchies’ or feel paranoid on marijuana?
* Whether marijuana really can lead to harder drugs?
* Why you feel immortal on speed?
* Why acid trips can feel so good or so bad?
* Why total strangers can bond on ecstasy?
* Whether drugs can enhance your spirituality?
* Why some antidepressants can make your depression worse?

Then this is the book for you!!


Dude, I think your book Higher and Higher literally saved my life. I was on all drugs, but addicted on Heroin and Methadone, and I was struggling for years, few months sober, few months addicted, etc… You know how it goes. Until I read your book I refused to go to rehab clinic. Now, I am sober, my healing has begun, I listen and follow doctor’s advice, but, your book is my Bible. I wish you all the best, and although I don’t know you, I love you with all my heart.

I used to smoke crystal meth and I read your book Higher and Higher from drugs and destruction to health and happiness and now I’m a yoga teacher. Just want you to know that you and yoga helped change my life.

For the last 20 years I thought I was an addict, and had to go to meetings everyday for the rest of my life. Thanks to you I realize I’m not an addict, that I have free choice. Your book expanded my mind. Male, age 42.

Higher and Higher is an amazing book. If you’ve smoked a lot of marijuana, done coke or even heroin and have ever stopped to question why, or even if you’ve never taken a drug in your entire life you still should read this book. There is no judgment, no losers trying to write a book on self-help or some nut trying to sell you a system. This is serious research, a story of amazing life experiences and a manual to repair the damage that life does on each and every one of us, drugs or no drugs. It beautifully weaves the intricacies of Chinese Medicine and philosophy with western thought and real-life events, in an entertaining and page-turning way. To my knowledge no other book or document has been able to truly describe what drugs actually do to us, why they are so popular, and most importantly how we can feel just as good without the drugs.

Hey Jost, I just read ur book higher & higher and loved it. I haven’t done drugs for 12 years and am on a similar path to yours back in the day, by the sound of it! I’ve made heaps of progress and done everything u can imagine. Can’t wait to read another of ur books, u make me feel like it’s all been worth it xx

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