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In his second book in his drug series, Jost continues his own story from Higher and Higher but takes it to another level.There was still things in his past that he couldn’t bring himself to reveal in Higher and Higher and in this book he confronts his final taboo – his own period of madness and psychosis – and makes sense of the darker aspects of his past. Again, interweaving his own story and new insights into psychosis, with case studies of ice, speed, violence, sex and redemption, Jost proposes a radical new way of interpreting drug experiences and shows how to heal a drug past.

Psychosis, ice, meth, methamphetamine are key themes.

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‘Motivational enough to raise the dead’

Jost I just had to tell how wonderful your book ‘Drug Repair that Works’ is. It’s helped me understand so much clearer about my partner’s and my own drug use. I wish I could bottle up all that wisdom and truth. I thank you so much, you have given me back hope and assurance we will get through. Bless you

If you are wanting to let go of the crutch of drugs or would like to understand more about what is in the mind of someone taking drugs then read this book. Jost is a funny guy too and his truth and honesty come unashamedly out from the pages. Steve

I am reading your book “Drug Repair that Works” and feel inspired.

Your philosophy sounds amazing and could be of benefit for all the family. Thank you for your refreshing holistic approach. I intend to read more of your books. C

‪DRTW This is it. This is the best, freshest book on the subject I have ever read. One of the best books I have read in general. Jost knows exactly what he is taking about. Who better to advise than someone that has lived and experienced it and then fully inform you on your journey out of it. I will be buying copies and getting them to schools and prisons. I will even go to drug rehabs and get them to read it. Finally this will help and if you really want it, it will work

A refreshing insight into why people take drugs and how to approach it in a way that supports and strengthens the human spirit


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