Low Libido and the Lifestyle Fix

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Low libido is often a lifestyle generated imbalance and can be the cause of relationship reactive patterns. If you want a good relationship you have to nourish it and the best way to do that is to nourish yourself. A healthy sex life is an important part of this (Chinese medicine) but there’s lots of […]

How to Find Your True Self


Self-judgment, low self-esteem and not knowing the ‘true self’ are recurring themes in my work with clients. A starting point is to know what ‘the self’ is. In Chinese medicine the self is both physical (acquired) and spiritual (cosmic). The plan is for us to have a good balance of the two so we can […]

How to Make your Immunity Great

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Your immune system is mysterious Western medicine understands many of the bits of good immunity, but not how they all fit together. It is known that we have a certain amount of immunity when born; that we build our immunity throughout life and some of us do that better than others. And that immune cells […]

Find your health rhythm

Health is the focus of the 2021 new year’s resolutions list. Lose weight is number one (same every year), and get more sleep, eat more healthy foods and exercise, are up there too. But fad dieting, fasting, or doing punishing exercise routines isn’t necessarily healthy and it doesn’t make us feel good. And what doesn’t […]

How to find your purpose every day

New Age books used to predict the ‘great awakening’ and I reckon this could be it, because we all slowed down enough for a gap to appear. If you sense there is more to life than going back to the daily 9-5 grind and the old, overcommitted stressed-out lifestyle, you are part of the awakening. […]

How to treat anxiety naturally

Anxiety is becoming a rising problem, but many people confuse it with worry. These are different and in TCM we treat them with different acupuncture points and herbal formulas. Anxiety is associated with your heart, and worry is associated with your spleen. This is the organ responsible for the production of chi, so worry depletes […]

How to drink alcohol in a healthy way

Having specialised in addiction for so long I’ve had a lot of experience with clients who had an ‘alcohol problem’, and I regularly treat clients who want to give up alcohol because they think it’s bad for them. I’ll start by saying that although I’m obsessed with health and live for it, I also love […]

A different take on type 2 diabetes: the lifestyle medicine approach

I caught a news story on diabetes recently which was closer to fear-mongering than news as the presenter stated that over half a million Australians could have diabetes without even knowing it, because they are currently symptom free. They went on to say that if these 500,000 people didn’t get help they could end up […]

The Weight Loss Lifestyle: Lose Weight With Chi  

New research has shown that two out of three Westerners are now either overweight or obese and the continuing rise in obesity will lead to an additional 500,000 deaths by 2030. Research has also shown that diets don’t work. My own research has shown that lifestyle is the solution. But it has to be a […]

What is the Chi Health Cycle?

The chi health cycle is daily routine that naturally builds up your health, energy and happiness every 24 hours. I’ve treated a lot of people who feel their life is such a mess that they don’t even know where to start to change. I’ve been there too, big time. The chi health cycle turned my […]

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