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Learn how to use Jost’s Chi Health Cycle to control and improve your own health, or as a new tool in your therapeutic skill-set. This is one-on-one training with Jost Sauer, creator of the chi-cycle lifestyle and author of several chi-cycle books.. The training is in eight parts. Each addresses a fundamental dynamic of the chi-cycle, and together they cover psychological, emotional and spiritual health.

You can do individual segments at your own pace and in your own space by Zoom, or with Jost in person.

The training is 16 hours 2 hours for each segment.  Price includes a free copy of jost’s book the Chi Health Cycle. For practitioners ongoing certification requires one coaching session per month to stay current.

COST $4,800


  • Transform – Lung / Large Intestine
  • Ground – Stomach
  • Focus – Spleen
  • Purpose – Heart
  • Refine – Small Intestine
  • Trust – Urinary Bladder
  • Balance – Kidney
  • Return – Pericardium / San Jiao

1. Transform – Lung / Large Intestine time

  • Growth mindset – a Lung / Large Intestine quality and how to activate it
  • Lung / Large Intestine time to develop grit
  • The tools: Exercise  – Chi practice – Breathing
  • How to utilise Large Intestine time for detox
  • How to treat resentment and frustration
  • How to treat sadness or grief
  • How to nourish bone marrow and develop strong bones – prevent bone degeneration
  • Switch on – Yang phase

2. Grounding – Stomach time

  • Mindfulness – a quality of the stomach and how to active it during Stomach time
  • What is the ideal breakfast and why – Chinese medicine Taoist dietetics
  • How to prepare breakfast
  • How to use breakfast to ground yourself and feel prepared and centred for a busy day ahead
  • Zen eating
  • How to use Stomach time to treat abdominal distension and bloating – Stomach Spleen dynamic
  • The supplements to nourish Stomach / instigate grounding.

3. Focus – Spleen time

  • Invigorate the mind
  • How to get focused, a Spleen quality, and how to activate it
  • How to get into work mode
  • How to prevent procrastination
  • How to use Spleen time to treat brain fog
  • The herbs to nourish Spleen which, in turn, enhances focus
  • The supplements to boost cognition

4. Purpose – Heart time

  • Strengthen the mind
  • How to sense your purpose – a Heart quality and how to activate it
  • Vision quest
  • The three whiteboards
  • How to use Heart time to treat anxiety and depression
  • The herbs to nourish Heart for clarity of mind

5. Refining – Small Intestine time

  • Nourish the mind
  • How to refine your day (remove unwanted elements) – a Small Intestine quality
  • What is the ideal lunch – Chinese medicine Taoist dietetics
  • How to cook the ideal lunch
  • How to have the ideal lunch if you are at work
  • How to switch over into Yin mode
  • How to navigate lunch disruptions
  • The herbs to nourish Small Intestine to enhance switching over from Yang to Yin phase
  • The supplements to enhance digestion

6. Trust – Urinary Bladder time

  • Soothe the mind
  • Trust life and the universe – a Urinary Bladder quality and how to activate it
  • How to prevent 3.30itis: tap into Urinary Bladder’s function of storing chi to boost your afternoon
  • How to use Urinary Bladder time to connect with all 12 organs (UB’s Shu points)
  • Urinary Bladder time and it’s relevance to mental health: anxiety, sadness, worry, depression
  • How to establish a cruising mode
  • How to strengthen the spine (back bone) the essence of trust – a Urinary Bladder quality
  • How to to maintain a cruising mode when life / events are hectic and stressful

7. Balance – Kidney time

  • How to clear the mind
  • Harmonise inner and outer world – a Kidney quality
  • Switch off Chi practice
  • How to clear the brain
  • How to lift the spirit
  • How to tonify Yin
  • Treat sciatica and lower back pain
  • Treat low sexual energy

8. Return – Pericardium / San Jiao time

  • Calm the mind
  • Return to your true Self – a Pericardium quality
  • How to treat restlessness
  • Pericardium time and manic behaviours
  • How to utilise Pericardium time to treat disappointment
  • How to soothe the spirit
  • Preparing for deep nourishing sleep – treat and prevent insomnia
  • What is the ideal dinner
  • Herbs and supplements to instigate return (Pericardium time function)


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