Soul matter vs karmic matter

93% of the universe is invisible dark matter (that’s physics). A professor I recently heard on a podcast (with a PhD majoring in Karma!) says this is ‘karmic matter’. Each of us is made up of soul matter and karmic matter. Every one of our actions either adds to or reduces karmic matter, altering the […]

Don’t get even get neutral: how to stand up for yourself

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Change forces us to look at things so we can understand more about who we are and then become more connected to that. The cycle of change repeats endlessly over millennia, but it always moves us forwards purposefully towards a more harmonious planet.You can’t see the big picture when you’re in it though so, on […]

Spiritual awakening: a practical guide online course

spiritual awakening with Jost Sauer

I just came across research finding that over 40% of the population had had a profound spiritual experience or spiritual awakening that changed the direction of their life, but that most of them don’t talk about it. The common factors people reported were an increased belief in the immortality of the spirit, becoming aware of human […]

Chinese Medicine101 online course

Jost Sauer learn Chinese medicine online

Ta daaa! I just finished putting 35 years of my clinical experience and passion for Chinese medicine into an online course: Chinese Medicine 101! Thinking about everything everyone asks me about diet, sleep, meditation, chi-gong, sex, breakfast, purpose, organs, symptoms and more, I created 25 video tutorials (6 hours content all up). I reclaim the […]

New Ways to Lose Weight with Chinese Medicine

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With new predictions that one in two people will be obese by 2030, I’ve been delving deeper into how Chinese medicine treats obesity and weight issues. If you want to lose weight going on a diet is your first mistake. It is based on the judgemental mindset that you have ‘lost control’ of your eating […]

Why you need good grip strength

VCM workshop

Your grip strength is a biomarker of your biological age, the rate at which your body is actually ageing. A strong grip is a good indicator of overall muscle strength which, in turn, is connected to a healthy lifestyle, exercise and good nutrition, all of which reduce biological age. But a weak grip is associated […]

How to transcend negativity

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We know life will end, and we know it will never end. And we know both these things (subconsciously) at the same time. This makes life tricky for us humans. Having a temporary body that is home to an eternal soul can be confusing. Chinese medicine gave this some thought (centuries of it in fact) […]

Heroin and holistic recovery

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Opium, a powerful analgesic derived from the poppy plant has been used by humans for thousands of years. In 1803 morphine was derived from processed opium, and in 1874 heroin from morphine. There have been continuous waves of addiction to all three substances but, according to some sources, heroin use has recently escalated. There is no universally accepted reason […]

How to heal a drug past

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After working in the area of holistic health (specialising in drug-related conditions) for many years now I have realised that, in order for most ex-heavy drug users to feel really good again, the journey that the drugs started needs to continue but via beneficial methods. This is because drug-users crave not the drugs, but the exhilarating, euphoric or blissful […]

Jost Sauer Spiritual attunement acupuncture

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