Chi Health Cycle


Discover all the little changes that add up to massive gains in health and happiness. Jost’s Chi Health Cycle came out of 30 years of research and outlines a simple, natural and easy to do day-plan that will change your life for the better. You’ll discover what parts of your day are making you gain weight and lose your energy, optimism and motivation, and how to switch things around so that your day promotes weight loss, and creates energy, meaning and motivation instead. The secret is the connection between your organs and the time, it’s what you do when that makes all the difference. Each chapter introduces a time-slot an organ and the little lifestyle changes you can make. This rhythmic 24-hour plan puts you in flow with nature’s 24-hour cycle. Jost shows every reader how to tap into the support that is all around us and within us. You don’t have to go it alone in life, you’ve got back up. All you need is a copy of Chi Health Cycle and a clock and you can start instantly eliminating your symptoms and improving your health!

Chi Health Cycle is the international second edition of Clock On To Health published by Welbeck, UK.  It is also available in all good book stores and from all online bookstores.



BOOK REVIEWS Check out what readers are saying about Chi Health Cycle:

I love how this book is written and set out, I told someone today it is the best book I’ve ever bought. A.S 2021

Really great advice and plenty of fabulous details which are easy to understand and fun to read : thanks Jost!!! C.M. 2021

Jost, just wanna say I received the book, up until then I was procrastinating about getting up at 5.30/5.45 for exercise, because my whole I life I have not been a ‘morning person’. So… around 4-5 days a week I get up before 6 and do a 30 min walk/jog combo, and have started eating brekky again between 7-9, as I have been an intermittent faster for over a year, not eating until 11ish, this was hard to let go of also!! BUT I am feeling so much better, physical and mental health, so thank you!

I am 58 and following the chi life cycle for 3 weeks has changed my life. For me lots of things Jost said would be improved happened immediately. I was gobsmacked. Eating properly became easy, my joy of life returned, the bounce in my step came back, I really, truly do have more energy, I never knew or would have believed that going to bed at 9:30 and getting up at 5;00am and exercising would make such huge difference if I hadn’t tried it! It has changed everything for me.