Jost Sauer mental wellbeing program

Mental wellbeing program


In these 5 information-rich, motivational and instructional sessions, Jost will use Chinese medicine diagnostics (he taught Chinese medicine for over a decade, and is an expert in this) to establish the state of your mental health from a fresh new perspective, and then take you through a customised program over five sessions to overcome depression, anxiety, panic, brain fog, anger, obsessiveness, spectrum, and more. Each one of these is affiliated with an organ malfunction and this just needs to be corrected through actions that anyone can do.

  • Movement – the therapeutic exercises / movements to reverse your symptoms
  • Mindset – how to generate positivity and eliminate negativity
  • Self-motivation –  how to use constant challenges (new skills) as therapy to restore emotional balance.
  • Chi practice – Tai chi, qi-gong, yoga, how to do some simple powerful moves to change your outlook
  • Demystify your diet – Jost has done decades of research into diet and will create a medicinal diet (that still tastes great) that will create emotional health and strength.
  • The supplements that actually work for mental health. Jost is an expert in orthomolecular therapy, and has used it to heal his own depression and addiction, will create a supplementation plan to restore mental health. From antioxidants, to energy boosters. What to take when,  when and why.
  • Your Day Plan – how to organise your day to get on top of your mental health, and stay there.



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