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Anti-aging program


Your genes only dictate 20% of ageing, the other 80% is lifestyle. Jost’s Chi Health Cycle is the system for staying young in body, mind and even spirit. His day plan rejuvenates your organs and this is where your energy, great cognitive function, vigour, supple limbs, bright eyes, smooth skin and a healthy weight, all come from. It is the foundation for longterm anti-aging, and healthy aging.

In these 5 information-rich, motivational and instructional sessions, Jost will use Chinese medicine diagnostics (he taught Chinese medicine for over a decade, and is an expert in this) to establish your state of health, and and take you through a customised program including:

  • Movement – you need muscle growth stimulation every 48 hours (body weight or simple weight training). This will cover the most effective exercises / movements  for your age and your abilities.
  • Mindset – the essential positive attitude to life, where it comes from and how to generate it and prevent negativity
  • Self-motivation –  how to use constant challenges (new skills) for youthfulness, and what sorts are most effective for you
  • Chi practice – Tai chi, qi-gong, yoga, how to do some simple powerful moves and how they can help.
  • Demystify your diet – Jost has done decades of research into diet and knows the best protein sources, what food you need to age well, and when and how to eat to boost energy
  • The anti-aging supplements that actually work. From antioxidants, to fat-burning medicinal herbs. How much to take, when and why.
  • Your Day Plan – how to organise your day to turn back the clock



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