Workplace Wellness

Give your employees the tools they need to make each workday health-boosting, productive and more rewarding. Participants discover how to maximise productivity and health simply by re-ordering the day.

  • Fewer sick days and staff burnouts
  • Increased productivity and creativity
  • Improved focus, clarity and decision-making
  • Management of workplace stress
  • Better work/life balance

Jost’s Workplace Wellness programs are based on new bodyclock research (circadian biology) and his expert knowledge of the preventative health lifestyle of Chinese medicine. There is a best (health-boosting) time for everything, and workshop participants get to discover the best times to schedule challenging or routine tasks, the healthiest energy-boosting lunches, how to maximise effects of a coffee plus tips on defeating 3.30itis without caffeine or sugar.

The point of difference is that this system simultaneously promotes productivity and physical and mental health. This has a beneficial flow-on effect on workplace relationships. Most people are overcommitted, rushed and time-deprived; have nutrient poor diets; can’t switch-off after work, can’t get enough sleep. This leads to anxiety, depression, emotionality and behaviours (such as the use of substances to manage stress) that make for toxic workplaces.

Jost is at the forefront of the new holistic approach to Workplace Wellness, which understands that healthy and happy people are the basis for healthy and happy workplaces, and a healthy business. His Workplace Wellness presentations draw upon a solid academic foundation, a decade of lecturing, and 30 years of professional therapeutic experience combined with a high-energy, entertaining delivery refined over years of speaking engagements for audiences ranging from schools, to corporate, to massive festival audiences.

Duration: Workplace Wellness options range from the standard 90 minutes (one hour presentation plus 30 minutes Q&A), to half-day workshops which add participation in simple energy and motivation boosting exercises; a healthy snack tasting table, and copies of Clock On To Health for participants.

Jost also offers corporate wellness retreats on demand.

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Workplace Drug and Alcohol Awareness

Jost is an addiction expert. He developed a new lifestyle-based recovery system, founded and ran numerous rehabs, specialized in treating high-functioning addicts, and is author of three books on addiction (published by Allen and Unwin). He is at the forefront of workplace drug and alcohol awareness training, and has been for over 12 years.

Employee drug and alcohol use adversely affects workplace safety and employee wellbeing, and it costs billions of dollars in lost productivity every year. Health promotion is a proven strategy for reducing alcohol and drug related harm in the workplace as healthy lifestyles are incompatible with heavy drug and alcohol consumption.

Jost’s effective approach to workplace drug and alcohol awareness combines his healthy lifestyle strategies and addiction prevention systems. Jost gets straight to the core which is why people use drugs or alcohol at work – whether that is to become motivated, feel empowered, enhance productivity or creativity, or to manage boredom. Employees get an insight into how drugs and alcohol create these states, what the side effects are, and how to use sustainable methods to make work more satisfying and rewarding, to feel more productive, handle stress, and create a healthy work-life balance.

Duration: Workshop options range from the standard 90 minutes (one hour presentation plus 30 minutes Q&A).

*Most companies choose to combine this content with Workplace Wellness training.

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