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Clinically proven bladder control

  • Total average daily frequency returned to normal
  • 60% reduction in urinary urgency and halving of nocturia
  • 60% reduction in urinary incontinence (both stress and urge)
  • 75% of users reduced pad usage to one or less per day
  • Results seen in as little as 2 weeks


Urox is formulated with the Chinese herbs crateva, horsetail and lindera (sourced from wild crafted and/or pesticide-free locations). It improves symptoms of urinary incontinence, urgency, frequency and nocturia within weeks of use. It is designed to effectively assist bladder control symptoms that affect both men and women. It works to strengthen and tone the muscles of bladder wall, pelvic floor and sphincter, as well as, support healthy connective tissue in the surrounding area to allow the bladder to fill appropriately and empty effectively.

  • 8+ years of safe usage
  • Successful clinical trials
  • More effective than alternative herbals
  • Very well tolerated
  • No drying side effects
  • Cost effective when compared to pads/diapers or other medications

Urox was formulated by the Seipel Group, winner of the USA Nutraingredient Award in 2018

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