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WEBINAR RECORDING How to Stop Feeling Anxious


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How to Stop Feeling Anxious

This webinar is all about what anxiety is, where it comes from and how to control, and eliminate it. I’m using my modern Chinese medicine approach so you’ll get the big picture solutions (everything around you) and the little picture solutions (everything inside you) and how to put it all together to feel calm and centred and holistically restored.

  • The Tao of uncertain times
  • Return to Centre – Ming – Know where you are
  • The five categories of anxiety – Western
  • The five ‘organ’ anxiety types Chinese Medicine
  • The treatments for each anxiety type
  • Anxiety vs Fear?
  • Internal urgency – Rebellious Chi of the Ren meridian
  • Rebellious Chi and crazy times
  • Follow the Tao – trust in the future

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