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VIDEO TUTORIAL Mental Health: It’s Elemental!


Video tutorial, length 2 hours, $35.

In this video Jost uses his unique mix of modern Chinese medicine and 40 years experience as a therapist to deliver fresh insights and practical DIY tips into creating good mental heath. Mental health is not your brain, it’s your mind. And what shapes your mind? Your organs (chi organs). And what shapes those? Everything you do in a day and whether or not you’re making cosmic connections. Jost’s secret to mental wellbeing: forget your mind and use your body!

Plus you’ll discover a set of tools (chi, supplements, diet, movement, breathing, routines) that will change the way you feel, and how the chi-cycle lifestyle, is a support system that is always available (because we all need constant support), the five elements of mental health and much much more!

Once you purchase the video, Jost will send you the link within 24 hours.

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